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This article is not intended to rehash those issues, but rather to make it clear how those choices will impact the Dallas Cowboys.

That number is Tony Romo’s 2017 cap hit of ,700,000 minus his dead cap of ,600,000, or .1 million.

It would rank Romo 23rd for average annual cost among starters.

But if Dallas moves on from Romo, it will immediately free up .1 million that it can use to sign other players.Dallas will reduce this 2017 cap hit by converting nearly all of this large salary to signing bonus and spreading it over the life of the contract.That’s one reason why Dallas is currently “over the cap” but in a position to get under the cap very quickly.This approach can bite when players, like Tony Romo, end up at the end of their contracts carrying lots signing bonus money or converted bonus money, but it’s just the way Dallas does business.It also allows Dallas to take full advantage of the million freed up by moving on from Romo, even though most of that money is not available in year one.

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