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, was seen talking up Amanda Crew, who plays his love interest in the new movie. Efron was seen wearing a wet suit and taking several boat rides to prepare for his new flick.

Zac, who wore a pair of steps out in a pair of Cr8ative Recreation sneakers, and his new friends took a boat ride across the bay to a restaurant for a special dinner.

Miss Knox made a confession to police saying that she was in the house, identifying an innocent man as the assailant - Congolese bar owner Patrick Lumumba, who like Rudy Guede is black.

• Amanda Knox timeline: eight-year saga of Meredith Kercher murder Why did investigators find only one of Knox's fingerprints in the house?

It was either a spectacularly incompetent crime scene search or, as the prosecution claimed, Miss Knox and Mr Sollecito scrubbed the house from top to bottom in the hours after the murder.

She said that I, a black man, had sexual contact with Meredith.

That was false, but three weeks later it emerged that another black man, Rudy Guede, had sexual contact with poor Meredith.

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