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Second possibility is that there's already a key for your other ubuntu in you PC, and that it changed thus being not recognized anymore.

In this case, you'll have to edit the file $ sudo su // Login as a root user $ ssh-keygen -f "/root/.ssh/known_hosts" -R [ // Terminal suggested command execute here Host [ found: line 16 type ECDSA /root/.ssh/known_hosts updated.

Kryptonite solves this problem by storing a known hosts list of public keys.

When you connect to a server, The same list of known hosts is used for all of your devices paired with Kryptonite.

One of the more irritating things about working with virtual machines is SSH host keys. Of course, if you don't care about security you could arrange for all your virtual machines to use the same host key, or use the option; but as the Free BSD Security Officer and the author of a secure online backup service neither of those are acceptable as far as I'm concerned.

Find the host key fingerprint in the virtual machine's console logs. Type "yes" and hope that they really were the same and not just mostly the same.

Ssh stores the host keys of the remote hosts in ~/.ssh/known_hosts.

Any subsequent requests will fail due to a different public key being presented, until you delete the known host entry for , it means that Kryptonite could not verify the server’s signature.

The most likely cause is that a signature was not included with the login request.

You can either edit that text file manually and remove the old key (you can see the line number in the error message), or use on your pc, and then it should work properly.

It will reset the configuration for openssh and should come back to a default password authentication.

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