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With taxes and bills, most graduate students need to share apartments.

The Boston housing market revolves around one date: September 1st. Since that date is usually close to the beginning of Fall classes, students entering then can expect the first week here at BU to be quite busy.

For those entering in the Spring, there are likely to be fewer apartments available than in the Fall.

We strongly recommend you come early to find somewhere to live.

Throughout the academic year, both SAGE and GSO sponsor a number of social activities designed to mix and mingle graduate students.

These activities are a great way to make new friends here in Boston.

Most of the decent apartments go by the end of July, and the few that are left have inflated prices. The Off-Campus Housing Office is located in the George Sherman Union (contact the Office of Orientation and Off-Campus Housing, 4th floor), 775 Commonwealth Avenue.

Note (01/02/2017): This page has not been updated in ~5 years.Free Permanent Housing There are Resident Assistant positions through the Office of Residence Life which provide free room (board sometimes included) in exchange for 20 hours per week of dormitory counseling duties.The Office of Residence Life will provide a job description and application.Please feel free to pass along comments and suggestions to help us improve this guide. You may wish to contact your fellow graduate students for further advice.If you are an engineering student, you can contact SAGE (Student Association of Graduate Engineers) via email [email protected], or on the web at

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