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It is so good to be able to be at work or come home from a long days of work while relaxing and listen to a variety of topics chosen. It's so nice to see a man of god stepping forward and bringing a postive atmosphere into today's society for us to surround ourselves in. Jay Mayo is one of those people who gives the world hope because he is a reminder that good- Godly, Christian people do exist. He is not judgmental and he doesn't come across as holier than thou.

If you haven't been listening then you need to start because there are so many topics discussed and they will touch your life in so many ways and make you an even better individual for our one and only GOD himself. He stands by his beliefs, and allow people to be themselves.

This is an amazing podcast with so much rich content. It is my prayer that the Kingdom Principles and message shared in this podcast will be a benefit to, your loved ones and your life.

God is working through him and this podcast in mighty ways. I would definitely love to work with him again in the future! I was amazed and blown away by his perspectives and feedback from him and his guest speakers. The topics will be relevant and the guest will be amazing! Press play, listen for yourself and if you enjoy what you hear, be sure to add this podcast to your favorites, give it a thumbs up and leave a positive review of your own. *Jay The Right To Real Love Show is awesome because of the host who is so Real himself.

Ron Deal, Marriage & Family Therapist and author of Dating and the Single Parent is joining Lisa Anderson of The Boundless Show in an online discussion about single parents and dating – from a Christian perspective.

Are you a Christian who wants more out of your relationships, your life and out of God? Singleness, dating, marriage, celibacy, submission, purpose, business, faith, love, church, leadership and life in the Kingdom of God. Realizing your dream of having happy, healthy and long lasting relationships, the way God intended, starts here! In this episode, Jay concludes his discussion with author Calvin Purnell, Jr. Follow Calvin: @CPspeaksllc Follow Us: @RTRLRadio Contact Us: righttoreallove.com/contact Show Notes: righttoreallove.com/864 Go Premium! I am so excited about the journey that God has me on and I am blessed to have amazing people like YOU going along on this journey with me.

Our cell phones have become an interical part of our lives.Charles Stanley is the pastor of First Baptist Church of Atlanta, founder of In Touch Ministries and author of more than 45 books.As a practical teacher with a strong sensitivity to people's needs, he is gifted at presenting biblical truth for everyday living. More » Beth Moore is the founder of Living Proof Ministries.Her goal is to teach women how to love God's Word and how to depend on it for life.

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He has written several books and his Searchlight radio program broadcasts to more than 400 radio stations daily. He and his guests have the goal of equipping Christians to defend their faith against false teaching and helping them strengthen their walk with Christ.

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