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Her skin is that of a 20 year old, still so soft and smooth. It was after months of reading erotic stories on the internet that I started thinking I'd like to visit a nude beach.

Voyeur and Exhibitionism were my favorite erotic story subjects so the idea of visiting a nude beach would let me experience a little of what I'd been reading.

), plunge your thermally disoriented corpus into a pool or cascade of freezing-cold water.

An explanatory placard at the out-of-the-way Bella Luna Spa & Sauna in Lynnwood explains it in terms that sound like Saint Hildegard's: "Sudden changes in temperature promotes deep muscle and tissue relaxation.

It also improves circulation and calms the psyche." World history is full of variations on that theme: Roman baths, Turkish-style steam room, soaking pools, and rooms for naps and tea.

It's coed, and everyone wears a bathing suit—purists might argue that those carry dyes, soaps, oils, and other stuff that isn't ideal for keeping the tubs clean and clear.

There was a serene older man with a beard, a quiet woman with short hair and tattoos, a young family of four, a visiting astronomer, and a small herd of bubbly young people who had gathered for a wedding.

We talked, alternated between the heat and a deluge of cold water on one corner of the platform, and eventually lapsed into long stretches of quiet.

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