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The "at home" winner was Koli Palu, who started at 403 pounds and lost 53.35% of his body weight.Koli would have won the title had he nabbed a spot in the final three, which was decided by a fan vote.Read on to see where all 14 ' Biggest Loser' winners are now.

Had he lost more during that period, he would have had a better shot at placing in the final two, and walking away with the 0,000.But there is no looking back, he said: "I did everything I could.It was out of my hands, I did everything that I could." Meanwhile, Shay Sorrells of Newport Beach, a fan favorite from last season, weighed in after an enviable challenge from Subway, one of the show's sponsors.She began the NBC weight-loss competition at 374 pounds. Third place went to the loveable Daris George, who arrived at the ranch as an insecure, overweight boy who'd never had a date, never been kissed, and emerged a "man's man" who now has a steady girlfriend.(Presumably, Daris has had that first kiss.) Daris began the competition at 346 pounds and ultimately lost 168 pounds, or 48.55% of his body weight.

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She does not yet know whether she will go the route of surgery: It's a battle scar, she said, and serves to remind her how far she's come.

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