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As quirky as you are I wouldn't change anything about you.Your compassion for others, your drive and persistence and above all your love for Marley Rae and I.

Washington modeled his characters look and signature afro after Roots band member Quest Love. “No, I was not, that’s the Internet” he told Hip Hollywood when we asked for clarification. When Quest was 2 I had hair like that, so Quest learned from us.” In the film written and directed by Dan Gilroy (), Washington plays a headstrong defense attorney whose knack for speaking his mind and inability to adapt to a new day and time become’s his gift and curse.He is a 2013 graduate of Lead Atlanta, a 2007 recipient of Atlanta’s highest honor, the Phoenix Award, the recipient of the 2013 Political Advocate Award, and has served as a speaker for Harvard Law School’s Charles Hamilton Houston Lecture Series. She also shares a child with ex-boyfriend, Kevin Mc Call.There is no doubt Eva Marcille wants to call her politician boyfriend, Michael Sterling, her husband. “From your lips to god’s ears.” Given the model is dating the man who hopes to be Atlanta’s next Mayor, you can only imagine their conversations behind closed doors are very political.I was inspired.” Meanwhile Gilroy told us Denzel brought the character to life in a way he never imagined.” I wrote the character, he created the character,” explained Gilroy.

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The only reason the restraining order was taken into effect is because I was never properly served by her best friend who is secretly obsessed with her…trying to get me out of the picture.” Even after all of that, he claims that Eva asked him to move back in.

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  2. 4) Lisa Bonet Lilakoi Moon born Lisa Michelle Bonet, born November 16, 1967, known professionally as Lisa Bonet, is an American actress, best known for her role on the long running sitcom’s NBC show The Cosby Show playing the role as Denise Huxtable Kendall, and originally starring in its spinoff A Different World.