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and last year he offered his coat when I was shivering...

And he is letting me make him watch Star Wars and drag him to the new one in December :) last year I taught him chess, just because we wanted to kill some time after supper one day and have held a friendly competition ever since...

I also know that he liked a girl at the beginning of last year (around the time I met him)... and if I ask he always says that he doesn't like anyone...

When we are together, sometimes I imagine what it would be like if he liked me and we decided to pursue a relationship... I don't know if that is just my mind creating signs that aren't there or if there is actually something real going on between us beyond friendship...?

And if there is ever a concert or something on campus, we are likely going together...

So we meet last year and things seemed great until he started talking to his friends and then everything I st went down hill now we are somewhat friends but only because I pushed him to talk to me about a small argument that we had and now he is acting like he was before he talked to his friends. So me and this guy have been friends for a bout a year, and we met a few days ago because we had been friends over social media but he used to live in my area and go to my school but he moved to phoenix and me, him and my best friend hung out at the mall.

She used to like him but now she likes him more as a friend.

Is there someone in your life who secretly has feelings for you and wants to be more than just a friend? Answer the series of highly unscientific questions to discover if your best friend or someone else you’re close to is actually in love with you and wants to be something more than mates.

Your responses will be scored and the total at the end will provide an indication of whether you and your friend are due an awkward conversation in the near future.

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