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Step 4: Mold Unloading The last step sounds easy, but care must be taken when you design your process to ensure your parts leave the mold easily, and without being damaged.

This is where the attention you paid to properly applying mold release in the first step pays off.

The mold is preheated according to the properties of your material, and after loading your powder, the mold is closed and moved to the oven.

The amount of preheating is related to your mold design and polymer selection.

Advanced automation, precision control and advanced mold cavity materials and finishes have helped make rotational molding a highly efficient and reliable method of manufacturing a wide range of parts. Contact us today and let us know what types of polymers you’re molding.

Step 3: Mold Cooling It is a common mistake to assume that mold cooling can and should occur as quickly as possible, and that it’s simply to get the parts down to room temperature.

Rotational molding machines are present in all major manufacturing countries in the world.

While the outward appearance of these machines may look different, there are four main steps that occur in all cases.

Of course, it’s best to change the subject if you sense things are getting a little too political, but I find that most of my students are often very open to explaining what is happening in their countries to me.

So yes, you basically talk to people from everywhere. Sometimes the conversations are deep and resonate with you for weeks, sometimes you spend a day just asking people what they ate for breakfast.

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