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Many albums have been associatively stamped with the prominence of bringing the listener back to their childhood.It's the music that brings back fond memories of places, events, relationships…yadda yadda.Diverse instrumentation is a highlight in this album.Aforementioned toy sounds are used along with synth, acoustic guitar, de-tuned piano, harp…as long as it’s not too rock-oriented - they probably have experimented with it.

Ever since encountering the freak-folk sisters – Sierra and Bianca Casady, I was taken aback by the beyond creative capabilities they have.

The creative genius born of a free mind is surely appreciated, but chasing fairies in the woods as they claimed to have done in an interview goes without saying. It’s probably pertinent that listeners understand that Coco Rosie are more influenced by paintings, make-up, and cultures, than certain bands or genres.

It’s clear that Noah’s Ark is an output of the souls of these girls, not an attempt at making the record charts.

There are some cohesive moments on the album when group singing chimes in a folky “sit-around-the-campfire” style, like in “Armageddon”.

Lyrically, the stories and ideas told by these nymphs touch on things that have never crossed most people’s minds.

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